Jason Carter – Cottontown, TN

Del McCoury's Fiddler - Jason Carter

Welcome back to our Directory of Jason project.   For this installment, we look at one of the more famous (in some circles)  Jason Carter.   This Jason Carter will be known to folks familiar with blue grass as he plays fiddle in the Del McCoury Band.

Jason was determined to be born in February, and made a most expeditious entrance to the world on February 1, 1973.   Being born and raised in Kentucky, Jason was surrounded by pickers and singers for the majority of his life.  He learned guitar and mandolin from his father starting in grade school and picked up fiddle in high school after hearing Del McCoury play at a bluegrass festival.

Jason made his way to Nashville destined to be in a world-class bluegrass band.  After only 6-months with another band, Jason ran into none other than Del McCoury, whom he promptly propositioned for a job, which was dully granted.

Jason like most other Jason Carters, Jason Carter of the Del McCoury band is a no-holds barred, see what you want and take it kid of guy.

If you’re in for some light reading, here’s some more info on Jason the Fiddler.  Bio, Interview and bGoogle

Jason Carter – The Artist

Today we look at another one of the Jason Carter club, Jason E Carter, an artist hailing from Berkley, Michigan.  Mr. Carter’s work has been, as described by the Paul Kotula Project, as “series of interior landscape paintings that explore the effects of digital culture through its defining light.”   Wowzer, I’m not even really sure what that means, so lets dig deeper.

Jason E Carter recieved his Bachelors of Fine Art from College for Creative Studies in Detroit in 1999.  His CV listed on his website shows that he started showing his work dilligently right out of Art School, took a little break in the early 2000’s and picked up the exhibitions every since then. Not content with just a Bachelors degree, Jason went on to get his Masters of Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art  in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.   In 2013, Jason was awarded a Fellowship at Kresge Arts in Detroit, so it would appear he’s pretty good at this art thing.

While there isn’t much about Jason’s personal life, we can safely assume it revolves around art.   If you’re quick you can take part in Jason’s first Solo Exhibit entitled #theDigitalDomestic which is hosted by The Paul Kotula Project’s studio in Ferndale Michigan.  If you hurry you should be able catch the last 2 days as it ends on January 11th, 2014.


You can find more information about Jason E. Carter here:

Jason Carter – Augusta, Georiga

All of that coolness from an RC Airplane, wowzers.

All of that coolness from an RC Airplane, wowzers.

Since I can’t sleep, I decided to add another Jason Carter to the project.  Doing my search, I found this guy to have the coolest hobby of the all the Jason Carter’s yet.  It seems that Jason builds and flies model airplanes, but I’m not talking about the little guys, we’re talking about 1/10 scale models, like really big small planes.

Doing a bit more searching I found that Jason has a MySpace page.  It appears he lives in Augusta, Georgia with his wife and two kids.  Strolling through his photos you can see that he also is into photography.  You can always tell a photographer  as you will not notice any pictures of them specifically, but Jason does have some cool ones of kids and his RC toys.

Using his MySpace as a key (and pretty much my only source of info on this Jason Carter) he enjoys some good movies, Shawshank Redemption (one of my favorites) and some quality television shows.  All in all it looks as though he is passionate about his RC toys, which might be offensive to call them toys when his profession shows that of the Assistant Editor for some RC Magazines of sorts.

This Jason Carter’s claim to fame is that he found a way to turn his passion into a money making venture, I’m not sure if the passion came before the career or the career brought on the passion, but its good to see folks who whole envelope themselves in what they do.

Jason Carter – Atlanta, GA

Our next contestant in the “Directory of Jason’s Project” is none other than, Jason Carter.

Jason Carter - The Lawyer

Jason Carter - The Lawyer

This Jason Carter, initial unknown is an up and coming lawyer in the State of pennsylvania. And is currently fighting the xarelto lawsuit in pennsylvania. His is a frequent blogger on the HuffingtonPost.com, along with being a published author of “Power Lines: Two Years on South Africa’s Borders,” a book about his Peace Corps service in South Africa (1998 to 2001).  (Peace Corps – Really, how much more worldly can you get Mr. Carter)  Ahh I see, the root of his great beginnings:

His grandparents are Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

Regardless of his links to Presidents past, he’s apparently making his own way around the Georgia legislature.  First attaining his BA from Duke and then rocking out summa cum laude at University of Georgia for his Juris Doctorate (that’s his lawyer degree).

While he’s not exactly hiding his hobbies and home life, lawyers are smart about these things and keep it private for good reason.   The information Mr. Carter has put for us to consume is quite enough to determine that he too, is contributing to the awesomeness of our name.

Thank you Jason Carter, the lawyer from Atlanta for your contribution.

Here’s some more links about Mr. Carter:

Jason L. Carter – Texas

Here’s another post for my Directory of Jason’s Project.

Jason Lee Carter - Bear

Jason Lee Carter - Bear

I was actually chronicling Jason A. Carter when I found a link for Jason L. Carter from California, he was my next subject, instead Google showed me Jason Lee Carter from Texas at JasonLeeCarter.com

While information on Jason Lee Carter is somewhat sparse on his website, you can tell through his various pictures that he is an avid hunter, and his descriptive naming of his little one, Hunter Lee Carter.   This guy is a man’s man, check out that pistol in those pictures.  He took out a bear, WITH A PISTOL?!?   This really reminds me of my Southern Alabama raising, while I  wasn’t the outdoors man type as Jason Lee Carter is, I definitely knew of his type of people.

For the rest of his website, it does not shed much light into his line of work, other than it must be profitable as seen in his Hot Rod collection. In that collection he has the obligatory Texas resident’s  Big Redneck truck, the ridiculously over powered family vehicle – Escalade, and a few cars I wish I could afford – ZR1 Corvette and Lamborghini Gallardo Nera.

While this Jason Carter is not nearly as verbose as some of the others, he definately likes to show off his accomplishments, in true Jason Carter style.  Here’s to your success and your future