Jason A. Carter – San Diego

Jason & Stephanie Carter - Engagement Photo

Jason & Stephanie Carter - Engagement Photo

Here is our first entry into the “Directory of Jason Carters” project.  Hope you enjoy.

This Jason Carter has decided that he will be first, the first one to grab JasonCarter.com, and he took the first letter of the alphabet as his middle initial A. So today, we will highlight you, Mr. Jason A. Carter from San Diego, California.

It appears Jason A. has alot in common with me.  We’re both into Photography, Jimmy Buffet, and we’re both developers.  Unlike myself, Jason A appears to have entered college directly from high school, first attending Cornell (ohh fancy) then onto his Masters in Biomedial Science from Northwestern.   Nice.  From the photography link above (Note – Old link, not to his new site)  you can see his has quite an eye for the art of framing a shot.  Mr. Jason A’s about me page says he’s a displaced southerner, if he’s from Alabama, that would add a level of awesomeness, but  I’m not sure if the state could handle two awesome dudes claiming Alabama as our hometown. As I search farther, it appears he was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia.

Browsing through his blog post, it appears as though he is an underwater adventurer, this post shows his excellent taste in women with a picture of his wife on the Aruba shore, and this link chronicles their wedding story..  While I didn’t see any underwater shots I’m sure there are some excellent ones somewhere.

So all in all, it appears that Jason Carters of the world are continuing to enhance their surrounds just by being there and spreading their awesomeness.  Here’s to you Mr. Jason A. Carter from San Diego.  Thanks for contriubting to the awesomeness of our name.

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