Jason L. Carter – Texas

Here’s another post for my Directory of Jason’s Project.

Jason Lee Carter - Bear

Jason Lee Carter - Bear

I was actually chronicling Jason A. Carter when I found a link for Jason L. Carter from California, he was my next subject, instead Google showed me Jason Lee Carter from Texas at JasonLeeCarter.com

While information on Jason Lee Carter is somewhat sparse on his website, you can tell through his various pictures that he is an avid hunter, and his descriptive naming of his little one, Hunter Lee Carter.   This guy is a man’s man, check out that pistol in those pictures.  He took out a bear, WITH A PISTOL?!?   This really reminds me of my Southern Alabama raising, while I  wasn’t the outdoors man type as Jason Lee Carter is, I definitely knew of his type of people.

For the rest of his website, it does not shed much light into his line of work, other than it must be profitable as seen in his Hot Rod collection. In that collection he has the obligatory Texas resident’s  Big Redneck truck, the ridiculously over powered family vehicle – Escalade, and a few cars I wish I could afford – ZR1 Corvette and Lamborghini Gallardo Nera.

While this Jason Carter is not nearly as verbose as some of the others, he definately likes to show off his accomplishments, in true Jason Carter style.  Here’s to your success and your future

  • Jason L. Carter

    Thanks for the compliments, my fellow Jason.

  • m gonzales

    I was searching the ‘net looking for images of humans with too much guns and time, and too little brains for an Art project I’m doing. Did you also see the picture of Jason with the porcupine he slaughtered? I wonder if he used a pistol or if he had to resort to using one of his many cannons…porcupines run really fast and can fire their quills like missiles!
    These guys are a dime a dozen here in Alaska.