Jason Carter – Cottontown, TN

Del McCoury's Fiddler - Jason Carter

Welcome back to our Directory of Jason project.   For this installment, we look at one of the more famous (in some circles)  Jason Carter.   This Jason Carter will be known to folks familiar with blue grass as he plays fiddle in the Del McCoury Band.

Jason was determined to be born in February, and made a most expeditious entrance to the world on February 1, 1973.   Being born and raised in Kentucky, Jason was surrounded by pickers and singers for the majority of his life.  He learned guitar and mandolin from his father starting in grade school and picked up fiddle in high school after hearing Del McCoury play at a bluegrass festival.

Jason made his way to Nashville destined to be in a world-class bluegrass band.  After only 6-months with another band, Jason ran into none other than Del McCoury, whom he promptly propositioned for a job, which was dully granted.

Jason like most other Jason Carters, Jason Carter of the Del McCoury band is a no-holds barred, see what you want and take it kid of guy.

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