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Its been some time since I’ve worked on the Cadillac, and with all the programming projects, paying and not, I knew that I needed to take a break and get some other type of constructive work done. I was able to get the garage straightened up enough that I could really move around and get some pieces coming off. Today my intent was to get the hood, front clip, and wheel wells off.

If you’ve never moved a Cadillac hood by your self, I can say, they are heavy as they look. Its about 300+ square inches of multilevel metal, and in this case a few cans of bondo on top of that. To accomplish this feat I strapped a coulple ratchet straps to my ribs of the garage door. Since the ribs run horizontal to the floor, which is risky when is getting clean, since people could be slipping on wet floor and cause accidents. Once I got them hooked up I unbolted the hood and it fell right in the the two strap cradle I had made. Sliding one hook at a time, as far as it would go I took be about 5 minutes to have the monstrosity over my rolling work table. A quick release and some gently guiding and the hood was off.

Once the hood was off, the air tools came out and the front clip came off quickly, as did the passenger side wheelwell. The driver side wheel well had some deep bolts that annoyed me so I called it a night.

Here are some pics.