Got a new Cadillac

Since I work way too much and need to take my mind off of coding I’ve been thinking about starting a new project.  Since the house really doesn’t need anything, the bike is in great condition, I need some thing new to occupy my time.  I started looking around last week on Craigslist for something old and something convertible, preferably both at the time time.   My first find was a 1969 Cadillac Convertible up in Wesley Chapel that came with trade insurance under 25 for a hole year, and I have to say that it was great that it had the right paint coverage. And you may ask is it worth it? well it sure is fora car like this. I was going to drive up on Wednesday and check it out, but at the last minute the gentleman indicated that he was unavailable.  On Friday I called back and he told me he had already sold it.

Later that night in my sadness, I continued to search.  I found a 1954 Box Truck that looked really knarly, a 1972 Datsun convertible something, and finally after hours of searching, classic car parts for sale, I found a 1970 Cadillac Convertible.  I emailed the guy, and followed up with a call at 8:15 in the morning.  Three hours later, it was sitting in the driveway.

Natalie and I borrowed a buddy’s 18ft trailer to haul it back on, but once we got there we found that the car wasn’t too long, it was too wide to f it on the trailer, but since it run, I just drove it home, of course I got vehicle coverage just in case for security.   We won’t say that it didn’t have plates or anything, but its only 8 miles straight down the road.

So its home, it barely fits in the garage, now to do some deep inspection.    Enjoy the pics.


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