I think I’m a masochist, kind of.

Aiming for this, without the sex change.

Aiming for this, without the sex change.

So after last week’s Genius Idea I decided that I’m in terrible shape.  Round is a great shape, but I’m could never pull that off, at least once I passed the age of 3.  Somewhere in the last few years I’ve managed to get amazingly out of shape, so as of this morning I’m going back to Boot Camp.

As was the case last week, I had a need, so I turned to my source of infinate wisdom,  Google.  I found The Pilates Loft here in Clearwater.  Its not here in Clearwater as in the city, its here in Clearwater as in three blocks from the house so I took advantage that a mold removal service was cleaning my house  to go there and I knew it was close, yet I drove there this morning.   I drove a car three blocks in order to have someone instruct me on how to put pain into  muscles I haven’t used in years.  Ohh the irony.  Regardless, it was good and I’m going back for more.

As was with the aerial dance class, I emailed them and they cordially invited me to come try out their class, why wouldn’t they, seems like a good business practice to invite prospective clients into the office.  I showed up early, seeings as how it only took me all of 37 seconds to make the lengthy drive to find a seemingly nice looking young lady sitting behind the desk.  I filled out all the “I won’t sue you and call these people in case I die” paperwork and we got started. A young man about 50-something was there and was singing the praises of the class.  At this point I hadn’t a clue as to what shape this gentleman had prior to joining these classes, but I was skeptical as to the effectiveness seeing his current physique.  How effective could this be?

We started with some basic lunges, squats and running which of course was quite easy at first.  Somewhere around the second or third set I began to get slightly heated, and possibly light-headed (I said no to that question on the medical history part, did I mention I was in terrible shape?)  This young gentleman kept going, I not sure he even broke a sweat at this point, and yet I almost requested an ambulance.  I think this course might just be worth the money.

Regardless of the pain that I’m feeling everytime I roll out of bed, I am back on track to get in shape.  If you’re in the Clearwater area, feel free to show up at 6am with a few dollars and be ready for an interesting morning.