Interior Teardown

After a disappointing night watching the Pacquio vs Clottey fight, I got up this morning and decided to put a couple hours in before getting some running around done this afternoon.     To backtrack a minute, I plan on doing the majority of the interior myself, so I talked to Misty and ended up buying her a heavy duty sewing machine from Ebay, which is part of what the running around this afternoon entails.  Since we grew up watching the folks do all the auto upholstery and whatnot, it shouldn’t be that hard.  As a disclaimer, I worked here and there with my dad and remember that majority of what I’ll be attempting on the car, and Misty has been sewing for a long time, so the heavier fabric and foam shouldn’t give her any issues.

KENMORE HEAVY DUTY 158-1431 SEWING MACHINESo, know that I had won the auction for the Sewing Machine, Natalie  and I went to Joanne Fabrics last night and bought 3 yards of Black Automotive Vinyl and 1 yard of some thin vinyl I plan to use to recovering the panels.  We didn’t buy the backing foam then because I didn’t know what size and how badly damaged the structural foam might be, so I held off on that.  Anyhow, this morning I got up and started tearing the seats down.  Knowing how much a pain  the hog rings can be I jumped into it.  I hadn’t put much thought into the fact that the front and rear seats had completely different looks, but as I started removing the vinyl from the back seat I realized that it was just a cover, over the original.  They didn’t even remove the original before putting on the new one, score me.

After I pulled the first cover off I took a look at the original and decided that I like the pattern and would use it with the black vinyl, its going to be sharp.  As soon as the cover was off I started disecting it into its individual pieces, which was hard as the upper portion was very deteriorated.  Since the original had piping around the edges I at least had a outline of where the original edges were so I can trace out a new one.  Once I got everything apart I took it to the back porch and showed Misty who indicated that those pieces should be no problem, worst case we wait a month for mom to come visit and convince her to jump back into her automotive upholstery life.  We’ll see what happens.

So after I got the back seat torn appart I fiddled around with the plastics and metal trim of the front seat.  I figure the dying will be similar to the other stuff I’ve dyed and the metal will clean up just fine as it all seems to be surface rust.  The automatic seat mechanism will take some time to clean up.  As I was removing it yesterday I did manage to get power to it and the motor and relays seem to be working, just bound up at the tracks due to surface rust.
Here’s some more pics until next time.

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