Out with the Old

I haven’t been doing much work on the Cadillac, but I have been browsing the internet for ideas, I even found the best vpn for watching netflix.  One idea I saw that I really liked was putting newer seats in.  I found some seats from a 2001 Cadillac Seville on CraigsList.   The guy kept telling me I don’t want them because they’re all ripped apart and what not.  Despite his reluctance Natalie, Matias and I made the trip to the junk yard over in Brandon and saw them.  They were spot on for this project.  I ended up paying $75 for them.  We loaded them up in Nats car and brought them home.

These seats are quite nice as the seat belt is built right in, and all the electric controls work, unlike the original bench seat.  The original seat was so rusted up I was scared what might be entombed in the rust.

After a few hours I got the seats pulled apart and packaged up the seat covers for future use as templates.  I have a few unpopped air-bags if anyone could think of something do to with them 🙂

After I had the seats stripped,  I started working on the plastic.  I scrubbed them down to remove any dirt and debris and gave them a good cleaning with some paint prep.   Once everything dried I hung a few pieces up on my mobile coat-rack / paint holder thing.   Once all was secured I used some vinyl dye in a can.  This stuff was pretty nice, apparently it has some alcohol in it that slightly melts the plastic, which allows the paint to adhere deeper than just the surface.

Here is the aftermath of my painting.