Ripping out the Interior

Today I decided to put some time into the interior, by taking it out completely.  Having pulled the door panel a few weeks ago to start investigating my restoration possibilities I was weary that there was more rust hiding underneath that carpet.   The previous owner told me that the floor had been replaced and he had done the carpet himself, which was obvious.   To really get to the interior, those doors had to go, so I finished stripping them down.

I started on the passenger side and removed everything on the interior panel as I had earlier on the driver side.  Once I got the panel off I pulled the glass, window  motor parts, and finally hit the door it self.  You would not believe, even with everything stripped off of it, how heavy the damn thing is.  I guess they don’t call them tanks for nothing.   Anyhow, I finished up on that side and did the same on the driver side.  Sweet, no doors.

Once the doors were gone I had to get the ‘newly installed’ carpet out of the way.  The carpet was an outdoor style carpet that you would put under a patio or something, and unfortunately, it was very well glued down, so after some cutting and scrapping and general automotive mayhem, the carpet was pulled back enough for me to get to the bolts on the front seats. I had to go get a vacuum for the car to clean up all the dust after I was done.  After some convincing of the rusted bolts, the front seat came right out, and with a quick push/pull action on the back seat to release it from its hook type mounting point, they flew right out also.   Once the seats were out a clean up had to take place as there was dirt and rust and randomness all over the shell of the car.   And Ben, thanks again for the mini-shop vac, that little bastard sucks, in the good way of course.    You can see in the photos that the floor has obviously not been replaced as you can see where the water had once pooled in the rear and eaten through in the front.

This is about as far as I made it today, so now I’m going to grab some beer and go watch the Pacquio vs Clottey fight with some friends.

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