Stupid Telemarketers

Its happened no less than five times in the last two weeks.  Home phone rings, not a number I know, so I answer out of curiosity. While I have worked in the call center industry for the last five years, and I’m on the National Do Not Call list, I still get telemarketer calls, mostly looking for someone else, or those really fun ones in Spanish which I lost certainly still do not understand (Sorry Senor Ball).

What made this one call special enough to use my internetless time on a plane to write a blog about it, this was the third in the last seven days from Sallie Mae.  Yes, the student loan company.  Like most, I have student loans, as does my wife, but neither have, or had, a relationship with Sallie Mae.  Being in the call center industry I know the laws around calling, intimatly, deeply and more than I care to know.  Knowing that  collection calls play by different rules, as

does political calls, more on this another day, I asked this young lady why my number hadn’t been removed the last time I indicated that this was my number for the last four years and not Shane Orr or whatever the name was.  I was told that it was a ‘process’ and I simply had to ask (that last part with a tone). Being a semi-educated man, I  would think they telling someone twice that I do not know the formerly named individual nor do they live at this number would be synonamous with ‘quit calling me’ but apparently not.

So Sallie Mae, if I may be so bold to ask, which call center software are you using that makes it such a ‘process’ to remove my number based on a call being ended with a ‘wrong number’ status?  May I further my presumptuousness and suggest you give Vocalcom a call?  Their Hermes.Net contact center software makes this process seamless and less of a ‘process’.

Now it would be kind of shady not to mention that I have had a relationship with Vocalcom for four plus years and thought enough of their product and people to take a job with them recently, so there’s that, but seriously quit calling me and fix your ‘process’.