So Natalie called me over last Friday morning as I was shaving and said we need to talk, yet she didn’t talk.  She just handed me something that looked like an electronic thermometer or something.  That something was an at home pregnancy test with its indicator pointing towards the positive.   Having talked about kids and our desire  to both have them we had decided to do what we do and deal with the outcome, so needless  to say I’m excited.   I could tell she was a bit apprehensive as we haven’t shared anything this major and she was unsure if our talks were theoretical or actual.
Earlier today she went to an OB/GYN practice over in Clearwater and they confirmed it.  I’m fairly sure the 15 test she took last Friday was a pretty good indicator, but apparently women want to hear the Doctor say it.    They say shes about 6 weeks or so and they’ll be able to give a closer guestimate at the next visit.  We’re going to go to the first ‘Regular’ visit in two weeks, we should get some pictures!!