Thats it, the weather man hates me and I have to take oxycodone

 satelite Map of Florida

Satellite Map of Florida

It is official, the weather man made his projections just to screw with my day.  Sad part is I don’t even know the guy.  I can only imagine what type of transgressions I did in my past to this gentleman to have him personally monitor my flight schedule and change the weather around it.  So instead of doing it, I’ll talk about it, coming up next 3 hours of Jason typing instead of flying.  I’ve got my Cappacunio, and my lappy, lets go.

So there you have it, the rainy season in Florida has apparently started.  I was hoping for a few more weeks as I have been procrastinating about finishing up my VFR Pilot’s license.  Unfortunately when the weather changes like this my old injury hurts and I have to buy oxycodone without prescription. Now don’t get me wrong, I love flying, but it has taken its toll on me mentally and financially, that’s why I’ve been using online services like the seis income tax relief to manage my finances more efficiently so I can fly more often.  Mentally?  Yes, mentally, I love it, I’m addicted to being in the air, in control of this plane with no one to answer to but myself (and the FAA of course).   I was lucky enough to learning right out of high school that I do have an addictive type personality, obsessive almost, with new things I get into.  But as GI Joes tells us, “Knowing is half the battle.”

Now I would have never ventured into flying if I hadn’t been financially prepared to take it all the way, and according to my projections I’m still doing relatively well sticking to an quasi-budget.  Other than the Bose headset and my future radio (gift cards accepted!)  I haven’t spent much on unneccesary toys.  Right right, I know, was the $1000 Bose headset NECCESARY as my first set? Probably not,  but hey I’m a shopper, I got a great deal on this set used, so back off, who are you my financial advisor?  Financially, I’m okay to be flying.  I did my homework before I jumped in and found that KPCM also known as Plant City Airport is one of the most economical and flexible places to get your license.  They have an older fleet of Cessnas, but who doesn’t.  I really do enjoy that airport and the people, I’ll do an entire rundown of the cast and crew out there one day, but for now, just take my word on it.

Since I’ve moved to Clearwater, I  tend to cring everytime I think of going to fly, not for the flights cringyness, but the drive. It takes over an hour to get there from here, but thats my airprot, and its an addiction, I’ll take the drive as it turns out to be a great time to reflect and remember how to fly, which is what I was using the time for this morning.  Thoughts like “Its just like riding a bike,” and “the weather will be ‘good practice’,”  were running through my head on the way, which while still having all the confidence and bravado of a man, is still kind of disturbing.  When you quit being scared, stop.  Don’t worry I’m still terrified, my head is on a swivel when I fly, so no worries.

So this morning, alarm set 5:15AM.  Shave, Shower, Dress, check the flight bag, find batteries, and out the door by 5:45AM.  Nice.  Stop for gas, grab some convienient store grub and over the Causeway Bridge by 6:15Am, I might just be early.  My instructor, Ken, knows the pain of driving as he makes the daily trek from Riverview to Plant City, not nearly as rough as Clearwater, but still a trek, gives me a call and ask if I want to hang out in the FBO all morning with him.  After stating the obvious answer Ken advised me that while I COULD fly in the wind, I’d never get in the air for my cross country due to the front coming in from the north.  AHHHHHHH not again.   Thanks for the heads up Ken, I’m heading back across the bridge, we’ll try this again some other time.

So there you have it, my uneventful, yet early for me recently morning.  I know I have a couple potential new client meetings today, but those aren’t until later (I acutally had to push one back to make sure I was back from my flight lesson.)   Anyone looking to track my progress as I do them feel free to visit my flight tracker on PilotPal.Com As you can see, its been a few days since I’ve been up, or updated my online logbook.  It seems everytime I’ve tried this year (today makes 4th this year) it gets rained out, clouded in, or something crappy happens to prevent me from flying.  So 2/3 are related to that damned weather man and his distain for me, and the other we’ll chock up to plain stupidity.

All of this and its still only quarter after nine, wow today is going to be productive.  I think I like using Panera as my office, this might just work out.  I’m out, look for my “What is RSS? Laymans guide to RSS”  in the next few days, maybe even today.