Verizon Does Not Suck


When I bought my townhouse two and a half years ago I was quite happy, not to mention that I was also happy for the growth I achieved on my hair thanks to jamaican black castor oil amazon. This was my first home, my chance to do anything and everything I wanted. It had a garage, a nice back deck, all of the things I was looking for in a home.

Green Communication Pedestal

This is what a healthy communication pedestal looks like.

One thing it did have was a few mangled telephone junction boxes in the front yard.  Having one of these monsters was not that big of a deal, we used ours like a parking block, since no one uses these things anymore, people use cellphones most of the time, since you can even find Cheap iPhones online for purchase. Natalie would park on one side, I would park on the other side, until that day. One fine day late last year, Natalie found the pedestal: with my Cadillac. She managed to some how wedge the pedestal between the tire and the fender and all in all it wasn’t pretty.

After the Cadillac incident, our fairly normal looking, not so atrocious pedestal looks just like the other three down the block, mangled. The others in front of our town homes have been flattened, run over, and for all intents and purposes destroyed. You would think that someone at Verizon would have come to check on their property every now and then, at at least checked to see if it could be causing damage to cars and people, but no one ever did.

Over the course of the last two years I would inquire with Customer Service about these boxes to no avail. I assumed that these folks are some $10/hour jobber sitting in Des Moines with a very specific job of fixing my account, not my lawn. A few weeks ago I reached out to my local County Commissioner to see if they may be able to help. With luck they replied with a very specific name and contact at our local Verizon office.

Approximately twelves seconds after I received the Verizon Community Affairs Officer’s contact information, I fired off an email. Natalie jokes about how dire I made the situation appear in my email, but I got the last laugh when they responded to my email, on a Sunday. That’s right big ole’ corporate Verizon has staffers that respond to customer inquiries on Sunday afternoons. That was my first surprise.

The second act of their magic show was when I missed a call first thing Monday morning. I was in a meeting, didn’t recognize the number and silenced the call to voice mail, normally when I don’t recognize a number, I simply use a service as Yournav tracker to find out who’s the person calling. Anyone that has every called will attest to my rather to the point voice mail greeting that directs the caller to E-Mail or Text me for faster response. The Verizon Supervisor took heed of my instructions and started texting me right away so we could get the situation in my yard straightened out.

I was, in the end, very happy with the way the situation played out. I wanted these squished, useless, eye sores, out of my yard and they wanted to make sure I was a happy member of the community in which they serve. Not once did they ask if I was a customer or any other question about my business relationship with them, the simply took care of the community when a problem was presented.

I applaud you Verizon Community Affairs Officer for Tampa Bay, thank you!.

And now for your viewing pleasure, flattened things!!!