Come see me present SQL Saturday Atlanta

Have you seen the schedule for SQL Saturday #285 – Atlanta?   Holy cow they have jam packed too many hard decisions into that schedule.    I’ll be presenting Maintenance and Backups: Intro to Ola Hallengren bright and early at 8:15 in the Admin Room, aka Room 3.   Luckily for everyone that plans to attend my talk I have beefed up my session with even more information, so I will have to talk even faster than ever before, so much to share about Backup and Maintenance.      In reality, the more I give this talk, the more I love it.  At this point I believe the talk has been curated into the most informative details with FAQs from past sessions integrated into it for a maximum punch of content.  I’ve been working on my timing so, we should have plenty of time for questions and answers as well as a few short simple demos throughout.

If you don’t know about Ola Hallengren and his awesome Maintenance Solution, I do hope you can join me for my session.  If you haven’t registered, there is till time, click here

For travel, I believe my lovely wife Natalie and I will be dropping the kids off at school early Friday and driving up during the day.  Google tells me I’m looking at about 6.5 hours, which seems about right from the last time I made the drive years ago.  Unfortunately its just an up and back trip for us, no time to visit family in Conyers or take in any of the sights, but there will be time for that another time.