Second Year Presenting at SQL Saturday Orlando

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Coming up on my schedule is another appearance at SQL Saturday Orlando.   Orlando is quite special to me as it was my first ever presentation, and their team is quite welcoming, and just plain awesome.

Looking at the line up this year, I’m quite excited to see a few of my favorite speakers Louis Davidson ( b | t ), David Klee ( b | t ) and none other than Mr. Argenis Fernandez ( b | t ) coming in to share their wisdom.

For those of you local to the Tampa area, you might recognize our veteran speakers Pam Shaw ( t ) ,  Miguel Cebollero ( b | t ),  Jeff Garbus ( b ), Ron Dameron ( b | t ), as well as our most recent contribution to the Microsoft team Jorge Segarra ( b | t ).  A locally recognizable, but new on the speaker list is Pinellas PASS User Group Leader Leigh Freijo ( t ) with a presentation on how to get hired.  Having been through one of Leigh’s interviews (successfully!), and having heard some of his interview tales, I can say that he has some insight on what will get you hired.

As far as my presentation, I’m working on a new one titled: ‘Encryption 101: A look at SQL Encryption Options’ which I hope will be as well received as my previous presentations.  We’re going to take a look at TDE, SSL, Column and even backup encryption options so safeguard your data. I’ve been really heads down in the details on this one and need to start getting it all together in a palatable 101 type presentation.  We are a few weeks out so I still have time to smoke test it on my wife.

If you haven’t already, get over and register. Its set to be a fantastic day of training as it has been for the last 8 years.