SQL Saturday Extractor

Having been inspired by Kendal Van Dyke’s (b|t)  SQL Saturday extract into Excel.  I figured we are database professionals, we should be using a database, not excel, so I went about making that happen.

Over on my very sparse Github profile you will find the source to download, modify the SQL Saturday Extractor, which queries the event XML data from SQLSaturday.com into a MSSQL database.   If you’re not in the mood to download and build, version 1.0 is compiled and ready to run here.

As of now,  the extractor can be run with SQL or Domain credentials, it will create necessary tables or update using the existing tables.  You can also provide specific events to retrieve or provide a range.

I plan to add a few standard queries to include,  as well as cleaning up some of the data after its been input.  Depending on the feedback, I might also setup an online version for querying which I would have updating daily.  Just a few ideas.

Please let me know of any problems, suggestions, tips, request for improvement or anything else you would like to see added.