Its New and we’re aiming for Improved

After many nights, a  few days, and many beers talking to my marketing maven, Victoria Edwards  she shared her insight into the major pitfalls of my online prescence.  Many people know me as Jason Carter, but very few associate me with my consulting company, CrossWired Solutions.  The world must view me, Jason Carter, as a subject matter expert in order to hire my company, CrossWired Solutions to do any video gtame work for them.  Simple enough idea, but where do I start.  Here’s some of the direction she has sent me in.

First, I must establish a solid web presence with the help of small business web design Brisbane, unlike the not so solid prescence I have now.  By unsolid I’m refering to the not so well laid out company website and attrocioius looking personal blog.  Being NOT a designer, I am of the mindset that programmers program and designers design.  I’m not supposed to have snazzy and cool, I’m a programmer, not a designer.  WRONG!  As a well rounded developer, I should at the very least know a decent designer or two.  As I did a mental note of graphics designers that I know, my mental rolodex came across no less than five.  Not even couting my brother-in-law sitting 30 feet away.  Not exactly graphics art, but as a Video Game designer, you get the idea,  there’s some examples of some online games and information about virtual games if you check here. I was not utilizing the resources available to me, even those favors I might have to pull of out some of those friends.

Okay so we have a design crew working on the layout and we’ll throw it into a good CMS and then the clients will roll in?  WRONG AGAIN!  Content, content and more content.  People come to my website to learn something, or buy something.  If I teach them something, they might just buy something, and in this case, they are buying me, pieces of my time, expertise I might posses.  In the end they are buying me based on my reputation and my knowledge and a simple list of products and services just won’t cut it.  While I’m listing some technical specs for a gaming service, they are going to Google the definition of those words.  Ahhhh! They can’t be leaving my website for a definition, maybe I should just go more indepth with things, or actually, less indepth AND more indepth.  So really I just need provide content that most can understand, yet details enough a geek like myself will appreciate.  Easy enough, what else?

My marching orders are to get a decent, user friendly design and add some quality, relevant content.  Basically thats it in a nutshell, that is where Victoria has sent me, away with a laundry list.  I can only imagine that this is probably just a first phase, else she was out of beer and tired of talking to me.  One way or the other, thats all I got out of her, so far.

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Stay tune while we start this online gaming LoL journey into the world of blogging and sharing all the neat things that life throws at me.  You can expect some Photography, Flying, Programming, and General Ramblings in the future.    I’ll try to keep it relevant, but as much as I able after 2 beers when people are listening, I can just imagine what 2 beers on a keyboard will do.