Transunion Reps are Jerks

I’ve been working with my mom to see about buying a house, since she has a new one with a big garden decorated with glow in the dark garden pebbles she always liked, the garden of course need work and maintenance since she like to have a lot of plants and trees and don’t have the skill and tools necessary to do it all by herself so she gets help from the A & J tree service for this. In doing so, this task requires us to know what type of information is on her credit report. Knowing what is on the report before the bank pulls it allows us to be prepared to address any issues that may be on that report, fairly common stuff.

In pulling the report, we realize that Mom’s report has tons of stuff that doesn’t belong to her. Most people will immediately jump to ‘FRAUD’ or ‘STOLEN IDENTITY’ but that is not the case. It turns out that Mom has doppelgänger, well at least in name. This young lady used to live 3 blocks away from Mom, and for some odd reason, all three credit reporting agencies decided these two ladies were one in the same, thus combining their reports. I’m not even sure whats the point of using a Social Security Number, if they don’t even compare them.

Having gone through the actions to undo the perils of my youth to my credit a few years ago, I am familiar with the processes to get the corrections made. In this case, we initiated an online dispute for each agency. One of the agencies, Equifax, indicated that the ‘Same Name – Different Person’ dispute would be better handled on the phone. Mom and I organized a time for a conference call to get these things squared away. While we were on the line, we decided to call all three agencies to see if we could get some quicker action, and it turns out, we could. Equifax and Experian both made the process smooth as glass for us, and neither minded that we were on a conference call dealing with the issues. I would venture to guess that each of these calls lasted less than 15 minutes.

And then comes TransUnion. When we finally reached someone, I started talking to the agent on the other end. When he ask my first name I indicated that I was calling for my mother, who was also on the line. The agent, with a certain degree of rudeness, informed us that he could not talk to us while on a conference call. I asked him why, to which his answer was that he could not continue the call while on a conference call. He wouldn’t even answer my question.

Being that I work in the call center industry, and my mom is a customer service representative for an insurance agency, we both have extensive experience with how telephony customer service should be, and this was not it. When presented with this type of situation that the consumer does not understand, it is generally a good idea to explain the company policy, and possible the reasoning behind it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the course he took.

I’ll play his game. I indicated to him I was going to tell him our stated problem ,and I would leave the call. Being the savvy, telecom software engineer that I am, I pressed the Mute button. After I ‘left the call’ the agent was still very short and quite unpleasant with my mother. While he did address her needs, it was possibly the most unpleasant experience I’ve had on the phone in as far back as I can remember.

Has anyone else had this type of treatment from custom service agents?

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