Exotic Shifter Ideas Needed

One of my co-workers in our Canadian office manages some of his family’s websites.  We’ve discussed moving them over from his home server using DynDNS to one of my hosted servers.  Late last night we discussed moving over his sister-in-laws static HTML page.  He  sent me the details and I created the account. He registered the domain, pointed it to my servers and walla, it is done.  Since I’m a little OCD, i didn’t feel that an empty domain is progress so I manually copied the 8 pages or so and converted them to a basic header/footer template in PHP to make management easier.  Once all the conversion was done (all of 10 minutes) I uploaded it and now it looks good.  Still being a bit picky, I jumped in and edited the htaccess to give the URLs a more streamlined look by removing the .php extension, nothing fancy, but it achieves the affect I was looking for, and I hope they were too.  Here’s the link >>

Rat-Rod Shifter Ideas

Either way, once she saw all I had done (ha 15 minutes MAX) she said she’d make me whatever I’d like.  Since the Cadillac is going to be a rat-rod, I think it would be cool if she could make some type of crazy shifter knob.  There will be some work on my side to convert the Cadillac to a floor shifter, so there is plenty of time.

Anybody got any ideas about a unique shifter?  I’m not talking about the skull, or 8-ball, something unique a metal artist could come up with. I’ve seen wrenches, old hand-grenades, all kind of stuff, but none of it has struck as cord as something that would fit in my unique creation.

Ideas people, I need ideas.