New Project

I’ve been aching for some time to get something to work on, and since I now own a fancy two car garage there is no reason it shouldn’t be an automotive project. I have way to many digital projects which keep me fairly sedated behind a computer. While I love my development work I know i need to get out from behind the computer on a more regular basis to do things other than drinking with friends.

I started looking around the local area for something in a convertible a few weeks ago. I came across several Cadillacs and since I currently drive a Cadillac, and I love their style, performance and more important, their legacy, I settled on this 1970 Cadillac Deville Convertible. I found this one over in Clearwater and arranged to go see it. Because I don’t know what patience is, I called up a buddy and borrowed his trailer, attached that to my brother-in-law’s truck and we got on the road. The Caddy was sitting in a covered car-port under a car cover. Turns out, the top is gone, not a big deal.

The seller started pointed out all that he had done to the car, which turned out to be purely cosmetic, and I started looking at the things that matter. While I’m not the smartest guy, I know what to look for in a car, in Florida #1 is rust. I found it, what a deal, this one has lots of rust. Not really, it has all the common rust for this series of Cadillacs, wheelwells, hood and trunk.

While doing my research I found that a running 472 can be turned around for a decent price. I figured if it ran and I got it home and decided I didn’t want to work it, I coudl dump the motor, part out the major pieces, and scrap the rest. Sounds like a good break-even plan to me, lets do it. So then she started. If i wanted to drive her regularly as she sits now, she’d need a carb rebuild, possible a top-end job and some exhaust work, nothing that major.

Once we did some paper work we pulled her out and attempted to put her on the trailer we brought. Problem is, its too wide for the rails on the car trailer. I figured we’d have a too long issue since this beast comes in at almost 19′ long, but its a width issue. I craft a plan that makes Nat uneasy, but OK. We live about 8 miles down one road, only three turns so I’ll drive the Cadillac and she’ll follow me in the truck, with the trailer. Problem is, she’s never pulled a trailer, especially a big one like this. I assure her it’ll be okay and just stay straight and it’ll all be good.

We make the trip, she’s a little rough to keep running at the lights, the seat doesn’t adjust so its quite uncomfortable, but all in all, we made it home with her all right.

So without further ado, here’s some pictures of the new project.

This project will give me a goal. Something that will require me to research, plan, save and more importantly get off my can.