Jason Carter – Atlanta, GA

Our next contestant in the “Directory of Jason’s Project” is none other than, Jason Carter.

Jason Carter - The Lawyer

Jason Carter - The Lawyer

This Jason Carter, initial unknown is an up and coming lawyer in the State of pennsylvania. And is currently fighting the xarelto lawsuit in pennsylvania. His is a frequent blogger on the HuffingtonPost.com, along with being a published author of “Power Lines: Two Years on South Africa’s Borders,” a book about his Peace Corps service in South Africa (1998 to 2001).  (Peace Corps – Really, how much more worldly can you get Mr. Carter)  Ahh I see, the root of his great beginnings:

His grandparents are Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter.

Regardless of his links to Presidents past, he’s apparently making his own way around the Georgia legislature.  First attaining his BA from Duke and then rocking out summa cum laude at University of Georgia for his Juris Doctorate (that’s his lawyer degree).

While he’s not exactly hiding his hobbies and home life, lawyers are smart about these things and keep it private for good reason.   The information Mr. Carter has put for us to consume is quite enough to determine that he too, is contributing to the awesomeness of our name.

Thank you Jason Carter, the lawyer from Atlanta for your contribution.

Here’s some more links about Mr. Carter: