Jason Carter – Augusta, Georiga

All of that coolness from an RC Airplane, wowzers.

All of that coolness from an RC Airplane, wowzers.

Since I can’t sleep, I decided to add another Jason Carter to the project.  Doing my search, I found this guy to have the coolest hobby of the all the Jason Carter’s yet.  It seems that Jason builds and flies model airplanes, but I’m not talking about the little guys, we’re talking about 1/10 scale models, like really big small planes.

Doing a bit more searching I found that Jason has a MySpace page.  It appears he lives in Augusta, Georgia with his wife and two kids.  Strolling through his photos you can see that he also is into photography.  You can always tell a photographer  as you will not notice any pictures of them specifically, but Jason does have some cool ones of kids and his RC toys.

Using his MySpace as a key (and pretty much my only source of info on this Jason Carter) he enjoys some good movies, Shawshank Redemption (one of my favorites) and some quality television shows.  All in all it looks as though he is passionate about his RC toys, which might be offensive to call them toys when his profession shows that of the Assistant Editor for some RC Magazines of sorts.

This Jason Carter’s claim to fame is that he found a way to turn his passion into a money making venture, I’m not sure if the passion came before the career or the career brought on the passion, but its good to see folks who whole envelope themselves in what they do.