Review – Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

One of the local radio shows had an advertisement for, (referral link, gets me free razors!!!) which I’ve been hearing fairly regularly for the last few months. When the I took my last Mach3 out of the plastic holder and cringed at the thought of having to buy more of those ridiculously priced razors, I decide it was time to give it a try, I mean, its a dollar right?

When I went to the site and checked out the options, I see ‘The Humble Twin’ as the $1 option, which as it’s name implies is a simple twin bladed razor, moving up the scale I see ‘The 4X’, which is a four bladed razor for $6, and they round out their offering with ‘The Executive’, a six blade option, coming in at $9 per month.   Since I’m trying to get away from paying for razors I don’t use, or in my case, don’t use enough to justify the cost, I went with The Humble Twin.  One thing to note is the Humble Twin comes in a five pack, while the four and six blade options come in  a four pack per month.

After putting in my payment info, my grand total comes to $3 per month with the first shipment coming to me within ten days or so. While you wait, why don’t you read a guide to trimming your stubble? Too smart? Know everything?

My first shipment came in a flat style recycled cardboard envelope.  It contained a pack of five razors, a new handle for the razors, and a sample of their butter shave cream.

Since I only really trim around the beard two-three times a week at max, I came up with a plan to replace my razor head first of every week.  Despite my perfectly laid out plan to utilize all five of my razors before the next batch came in, I forgot to switch the razor the next week, and guess what??  I couldn’t tell I wasn’t using a perfectly new razor despite already having three shaves on it.  I ended up using the first razor for six shaves total and I could have easily went another few before getting the pulling sensation, but since I had four other razors waiting for the pleasure of making me look sharp, I ditched the first and loaded the second razor in the pack. I also decided to get manscaped grooming kit to help trim around my beard.

Since I’m only trimming the edges of my manly beard, you beardless man-children that do full shaves might have varying degrees of success, but I would suspect you will likely be quite happy with the results, worse case, its $3 for five razors, give it a try.