Besides working every day to attempt to pay my bills, I try to keep things exciting by consulting for techie things and trying to turn a hobby into a money making venture.  Here are some details of some of the things I’m working on right now, these are the real companies I’m working with, but there are several others in planning/development progress with friends and partners.  Stay tuned for some other fun stuff which I can’t quite release yet.

CrossWired Solutions, LLC

CrossWired Solutions Logo

CrossWired Solutions is a full service web hosting and design firm.  Along with hosting we also provide custom programming and system management.

CrossWired Solutions, LLC is my consulting company.  I’ve owned CrossWired since 2004.  We provide full service consulting services and custom development focused around Microsoft Technologies, but not limited to.   Goto CrossWiredSolutions.Com >>


Waiting to be Revived


Easy Race Photos, LLC


Easy Race Photos Logo

Easy Race Photos – Quality Race Photos at prices that make sense.

Easy Race Photos was started in January of 2009.  My partner Tom came to me with an idea and it just took off.  Its a work in progress as all businesses are, but its going in the right direction.  Our concept behind is simple:  inexpensive, quality race photos.  Most race companies are professional, full time photographers.  They might do one or two races a week. In order to make a decent living these other companies either need to sell many photos or a few photos at a higher price.  These companies spend lots of time cropping every photo, adding logos and finish time, and essentially adding more time, thus money into each photo.  We try to keep it simple: Snap quality photos of each participant and put them online, no editing, no extra work.   Since we do not intend to make this our full time job, it should be a viable solution for some side income.   Once our current project is done, we will have virtually automatic tagging of each photo for easier searching of photos.

Bringing this project back to life is my goal before this time next year.  Hopefully by January 2014, this site will be live with many associates taking race photos.


Failed Projects

iMobileMinutes, LLC

Early in 2011 an old business associate approached me to help him with some integration work.  That work as it turned out was a very good idea. provides real time purchase of pre-paid mintues for your cellular phone.

We worked out the details and I became the technical partner of &  The family of websites provides real time access to pre-paid minutes for your mobile phone.  We worked on individual apps for Android and a mobile website for other platforms.


This project was a great idea, and at its base was functionally working.  Had we had more time to work it we could have pulled it off, but seeing as how both of partners had full time jobs our attention wasn’t properly focused and we got hit by fraud, and poor marketing decisions which essentially shut us down very quickly.  If anyone tries to go down this road, I would suggest that you have a rock solid business plan as the margins leave zero room for error, or fraud in our case.