What do you want?

My last post was a quick look back at what’s been happening, this one will look forward.   Based off a post by my friend Ryan Desmond’s similarly titled post ‘What do you want?’, and a recent conversation with Natalie about what is it that I want, I’ll start rambling to see where it leads me, as I don’t really know.

The title question is broad, and thats ok, I’ll address several areas of what I want and what I’m trying to achieve and see if any of those can give us a meaningful answer of the future.

Easy..the physical

This past year I ran the Gasparilla Half-Marathon and missed my time, I’m going to try to beat that.  Last year I was doing Crossfit 3-4 days a week and running.  In April I had shoulder surgery to fix a small issue, and never found my way back to the gym. For those of you who suffered a major injury or accident and needs reconstructive surgery, contact Dr. Benjamin Swartout at (310) 274-6005. Part of it was the recovery process, physical therapy, but once that was done it was the schedules invovled with raising 3 kids and working.  I just couldn’t make it happen.  There is no reason, why I haven’t been running, so I have started that up again, which will give me roughly 84 days to get it together and run consistent sub-10 minute miles.  Easy!

If I put in the miles, and watch what goes in my mouth I should be able to obtain my next goal.  Lose 25lbs    I’ve been trying for a few years to get down to 175 which is a good running weight for me, but I haven’t been consistent enough with my workouts or food intake to make this happen.  More focus, less junk food (my weakness).   It’ll happen.

Focus on….The Paper

I’ve went to some form of college on and off for approximately 12 years now.   I have 80 or so credits towards a Bachelors degree from a few different colleges.  My last attempt was Fall of 2015 when I enrolled at the local Community college to knock out a single Math Class.   That didn’t work.  Now I’m at WGU which is working well for me. Within the next  12 months, I expect to finally earn my Bachelors Degree.

As part of that process, I have already obtained several entry level IT certs which reaffirm my knowledge in those areas (Comptia A+, Comptia Network+, Comptia Security+) and will earn a few others which will unlock new opportunities for me to explore in my career (Oracle Database Developer and Oracle Database Administrator)     While I don’t normally place a lot of weight on certifications when hiring experienced professionals, I find them pretty fulfilling when trying to learn a new subject.  In my case, Oracle is completely foreign to me as a DBA, so its new paper I look forward to earning.

Do…The Work

I’ve been working since July as a consultant at a large company helping with a large data center consolidation project.  My role includes building new Microsoft database servers and moving the data from the old.  The MSSQL work is nothing new to me, it’s quite similar to what I took part in at Raymond James.  The difference is this one is bit more disjointed, with much less organizational structure to keep things standardized, so it’s a bit more interesting than before with new surprises every day.  I like the work, and have been tentatively accepted back for the next phase of the project, 2017.

As I look forward, I feel secure for the next year, or two as this project is huge and the internal team likes me, but I’ve become luke-warm on MSSQL.  Pair that feeling with the ‘automate the world’ features that are coming out and it makes being a not-so-enthusiastically-engaged DBA in the future a scary prospect.  I’m likely ready for a new pivot, or readjustment of my career projectory, but I’m unsure where to aim that cannon.  Stay tuned on this one I guess.

Finish… The House

Back in February I started ripping out the walls surrounding the island in the kitchen to open it up create an open concept kitchen.  Removing a single sheet of drywall at a time, slowly but surely I finally got done with most of the work just before the job change.  During the time off between the jobs I submitted the permit and waited…..3.5 months later, a few other issues, and finally, just last week we got our first inspection approval.   While the bulk of the work is done, we still have to close up the walls (drywall…ugh) and paint.    Along with the required items, we’re going to retile the kitchen and reface the cabinets.

Did I mention that I’m going to attempt to make all the new doors?   I’ve spent the last few weeks cleaning out the garage and setting up a workable woodworking setup.  The test pieces have been getting better, so hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll start seeing some actual cabinet doors coming out of Jason’s Cabinetry Inc.



While the title question is broad, I don’t have a definitive answer as to what do I want.  I feel I’m doing things that contribute to the over all goal, but I can’t say what the actual target is.  For the time being, I’ll keep moving forward evaluate this questions on a recurring basis to see if I can find a